Appel à la solidarité avec The Tower / Call to solidarity with The Tower

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Appel à la solidarité

Un espace social/librairie anarchiste de Hamilton en Ontario a subi des dommages matériels suite à des attaques. Nous vous invitons à vous informer sur la situation et à participer à leur campagne de financement.

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On the evening of Saturday, March 3rd an unknown group of people took part in an action that targeted Locke St. – one of the city’s more affluent and arguably most gentrified areas – and several luxury cars and storefronts were damaged. In the aftermath of what has been dubbed the “Locke St. Riot”, the media, police, and local politicians have spoke out at length about possible connections to the anarchist bookfair that was happening throughout the weekend. The Tower is publicly tied to the bookfair, and also serves as the primary public face of anarchism in the city. It’s therefore unfortunate, but not entirely surprising, that much of the backlash stemming from the activities that took place on Locke St. has been directed at this space.

Beyond the general media shitstorm and doxing of folks involved with the project, we have received quite a few threats from far-right groups in the city and surrounding area. Several of these far-right groups are even organizing a so-called “Patriot Walk” in support of Locke St later this month. Throughout the course of the last week, The Tower has been attacked on three separate occasions. The two large front windows of the space were broken, the door kicked in and the inside of the space trashed, and the lock on the door destroyed.

To repair all this damage, we need to replace the windows, have a new door frame installed, new locks, and several other minor things. We also hope to make renovations to deter future attacks. The end bill for all of this is going to be pretty costly – probably in the ballpark of $5,000-$10,000. Any financial support to help us out with this (however small) is super appreciated!

While this situation has been intense, The Tower is still going strong. We’ll be back to hosting events next week and our regularly scheduled open hours will start up again this Sunday 12-5pm.

For more info, here’s a link to The Tower’s statement on recent events:



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