New arrival from Black Cat Press and ThoughtCrime Ink : Kropotkin, Malatesta, Goldman, etc.

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Conquest of Bread
Peter Kropotkin
Classics section

Anarchist Morality
Peter Kropotkin
Classics section

Feilds, factories, workshops
Peter Kropotkin
Classics section

An appeal to the Young
Peter Kropotkin
Classics section

Profit and Exploitation
Peter Kropotkin
Classics section

God and the State
Mikhail Bakunin
Classics section

Syndicalism: Its Theory and Practice
Emma Goldman
Classics section

Anarchism & Organization
Errico Malatesta
Classics section

Between Peasants
Errico Malatesta
Classics section

Fighting for Ourselves
Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle
Solidarity Federation
Anarcho-syndicalism section


Anarcho-syndicalism in the 20th Century
Vadim Damier
Anarcho-syndicalism section

Abolish Work – (5$)
Anarchists, Syndicalists, and the First World War – Vadim Damier (6$)
Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real – Solidarity Federation (4$)
Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism -Luigi Fabbri (7$)
Capitalism, Class, and Class Struggle for (Ex)-Dummies – Jared Davidson (3$)
Democratic Centralism in Practice and Idea – Scott Nappalos (4$)
Don’t Vote, Organize – Anarcho (3$)
Dossier of Subject No. 1218 – Alexander Nakov (16$)
Economics of Freedom – Solidarity Federation (6$)
First Socialist Schism – Wolfgang Eckhardt (32$)
Grand Cause – G.P. Maximoff (4$)
Leninism or Communism? –  Gilles Dauvé (2$)
Lines of Work – Recomposition collective (16$)
MayDay and Anarchism – Anna Key (5$)
News of the Spanish Revolution – Charlatan Stew ( 8$)
No Regrets – Larry Gambone (16$)
Queer Liberation is Class Struggle –  Jomo (3$)
Reformers, Socialists and Communists – Alexander Berkman (6$)
Revolt of Ghent – William Morris (4$)
Role of the Revolutionary Organization – Anarchist federation (3$)
Russian Revolution in Ukraine – Nestor Makhno (16$)
Saga of Nestor Makhno –  Illustrations by Olivier le Trouher (2$)
Said the Pot to the Kettle – Author unknown (2$)
Siberian Makhnovshchina –  Igor Podshivalov (5$)
Spanish Revolution – Wayne Price (3$)
Story of a Proletarian Life –  Bartolomeo Vanzetti (2$)
The Tyranny of Theory –  Ronald D. Tabor (24$)
The Ukrainian Revolution – Nestor Makhno (16$)
The Third Revolution? – Nick Heath (3$)
Under the Yoke of the State – various authors (3$)
Upon the Backs of Labour –  Arthur J. Miller (10$)
Wage System & Law and Government – Alexander Berkman (5$)
What is Anarchism? –  various authors (4$)
What is Socialism? – Jason Brannigan (2$)
Workers’ Councils – Cornelious Castoriadis (8$)
Workmates – Solidarity federation (4$)
Yardbird Blues – Arthur J. Miller (10$)

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