August 9th at DIRA|Talk on anarchist economy, the 4 hour work-day and environmental struggles at the workplace by Jon Bekken


Talk by Jon Bekken
and Anarcho-Syndicalist Review Summer 2014 Edition launch

The talk will be about Anarchist Economy, the 4 hour work-day and Environmental struggles at the workplace.

Saturday August the 9th from 1pm to 3pm at DIRA, 2035 St-Laurent Blvd.
For more info, read below.


Conférence par Jon Bekken
et lancement de l’édition été 2014 de la revue Anarcho-Syndicalist Review.

La conférence aura lieu en anglais et portera sur l’économie anarchiste, les raisons pourquoi nous devrions exiger la réduction de la journée de travail à 4 heure et les luttes environnementales sur les lieux de travail.

Samedi 9 août de 13h à 15h au DIRA, 2035 Boul. St-Laurent


What is Anarcho-Syndicalist Review?

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review is an independent syndicalist magazine, published since May 1, 1986 (originally Libertarian Labor Review). ASR is a forum for non-sectarian, critical, informed and constructive discussion of anarcho-syndicalist theory and practice. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any organization. Our outlook is internationalist. We stand in solidarity with working people everywhere, and in particular with those who, rejecting both state capitalism and state socialism as proven threats to the health of people and planet alike, seek peace and justice for themselves and their fellow workers through international labor solidarity. This is our official website:

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review (ISSN 1069-1995) is published three times a year. Editorial collective is Jon Bekken, Mike Hargis, Mike Long, Iain McKay and Jeff Stein. Contributing editors are Alexis Buss, Sid Parissi, and Jeff Shantz. Founding co-editor: Sam Dolgoff (1902-1990).

The latest issue, #62 (Summer 2014), includes: « Radical Happiness » by Brian Martin, several pieces on Bakunin (in observance of the Bakunin Bicentennary!), « Politics at a distance from the State » by Lucien van der Walt, articles on anarchism in Ukraine and Venezuela, news briefs, reviews, and more!

[Anarcho-syndicalist Review is] One of the most vital, engaging, relevant and informative anarchist magazines today. The essays and articles pertain more than most, both theoretically, and practically, not just to ‘everyday’ concerns, but those that ought to concern anyone interested in putting the movement (not to mention common-sense) back into anarchism. A lively international (and national, of course) news section, and excellent review pages bookend a truly fine institution.

-AK Press web site

Who is Jon Bekken?

Jon Bekken is a member of the editorial collective of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, a former general secretary-treasurer of the Industrial Workers of the World and the former editor of the Industrial Worker. He is co-author of The Industrial Workers of the World: Its First 100 Years and co-editor of Radical Economics and Labor. Jon Bekken is also an associate professor of communications at Albright College in Reading, Pa., where he co-directs a research project documenting the unmet communication needs of the city’s Hispanic majority.



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