Two new books: Prostitution and NonProfit Industrial Complex

Being and Being Brought, Prostitution, Surrogacy and the  Self
author: Swedish socialist, anarchist and feminist Kajsa Ekis Ekman
Editor Spinfex

[La traduction française du texte suédois original est publié chez M Éditeur sous le titre, « L’être et la marchandise. Prostitution, maternité de substitution et dissociation de soi »]

Grounded in the reality of the violence and abuse inherent in prostitution—and reeling from the death of a friend to prostitution in Spain—Kajsa Ekis Ekman exposes the many lies in the ‘sex work’ scenario. Trade unions aren’t trade unions. Groups for prostituted women are simultaneously groups for brothel owners. And prostitution is always presented from a woman’s point of view. The men who buy sex are left out.

Drawing on Marxist and feminist analyses, Ekis Ekman argues that the Self must be split from the body to make it possible to sell your body without selling yourself. The body becomes sex. Sex becomes a service. The story of the sex worker says: the Split Self is not only possible, it is the ideal.

Turning to the practice of surrogate motherhood, Kajsa Ekis Ekman identifies the same components: that the woman is neither connected to her own body nor to the child she grows in her body and gives birth to. Surrogacy becomes an extended form of prostitution. In this capitalist creation story, the parent is the one who pays. The product sold is not sex but a baby. Ekis Ekman asks: why should this not be called child trafficking?

This brilliant exposé is written with a razor-sharp intellect and disarming wit and will make us look at prostitution and surrogacy and the parallels between them in a new way.

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Swedish socialist, anarchist and feminist Kajsa Ekis Ekman

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded
Beyond the NonProfit Industrial Complex
Edited by : INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

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3 commentaires pour Two new books: Prostitution and NonProfit Industrial Complex

  1. Emma London dit :

    A prostitution abolitionist is a person who either doesn’t recognise or doesn’t care that to call for the abolition of an entire class of people is genocidal. Sex workers all over the world oppose the Swedish model on the grounds that it drives the trade underground, making our lives less dangerous, as in Norway where violence against sex workers has increased since the introduction of the Swedish model. This is the real and concrete result of such policies.
    I’m tired of hearing the voices of abolitionists prioritising their prejudice over my safety and rights. They either claim we have no voice (and they have to speak over us) or if we speak they say that we are not ‘representative’… they have such a low opinion of sex workers that they think that if we can read and write and state our case that we are unusual cases! If we say that we do the work willingly, they say we suffer from ‘false consciousness’, refusing to recognise our ability to make choices for ourselves as we are not fully human to them.
    An anarchist who does not recognise the agency of sex workers and wants to criminalise men for taking part in consenting sex acts… spare me. Wearing black doesn’t make you an anarchist.

    • Emma London dit :

      making our lives MORE dangerous, not less. 1st para, 2nd sentence.

      • travailleurindustriel dit :


        Des anarchistes (incluant des anarcha-féministes ) sont souvent en désaccord concernant le sujet du travail du sexe, au Québec comme ailleurs. Nous vendons des livres et des zines écrits par des anarchistes et des féministes radicales sur le sujet.

        Le fait que vous êtes en désaccord avec les idées d’une auteure a ne veut pas dire qu’elle n’est pas une anarchiste.

        Salutations libertaires —



        anarchists (including anarcha-feminists) often disagree on the isue of sex work might it be in Quebec or elsewhere. We sell books and zines written by anarchists and radical feminists on the subject.

        The fact that you don’t agree with them doesn’t meen thay aren’t anarchists

        anarchist regards

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