Fifth Estate, an anarchist magazine, available at L’Insoumise

The Fifth Estate is an anarchist magazine. Its editorial collective shares divergent views on the topics the magazine addresses and has a non-dogmatic, action-oriented approach to change. It began publishing in 1965 as part of the 1960s Underground Press movement.

The paper was well known throughout the 1980s for its anti-technological and anti-civilization essays. It was the focal point for political trend of anarcho-primitivism. Long-time contributor John Zerzan published his seminal essays on time, language, art, number and agriculture in the magazine. They were frequently accompanied by long critiques by George Bradford (David Watson), and Bob Brubaker who developed different versions of primitivism, as well as articles by Fredy Perlman.

The current editorial collective has moved away from primitivism, and no longer endorses a specific anarchist tendency. It continues to cover anti-capitalist resistance, as well as environmentalism, race, feminism, queer sexuality, and transgender issues. The FBI once described the publication in a secret memorandum, saying, “The Fifth Estate supports revolution everywhere,” to which the staff then and now has no objection.
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